Using Web Isolation Solutions to Browse the Websites Safely

19 February 2021

Using Web Isolation Solutions to Browse the Websites Safely

In an organizations, many employees browse the websites frequently to support their working activities. This activities may bring many benefits and convenience to every employees, but they need to know that it may bring risks to organizations.

A user’s device can be infected by cyber attacks such as malware, ransomware, and any other sophisticated attacks simply by visiting a website or by downloading a document from unknown source. No one can ensure how secure a website is, and any website can potentially serve attacks—even those websites that are considered as safe such as trusted news sites.

Web-based attacks are very dangerous for every internet’s user, especially for user who is a part of an organizations (employees or any other related parties). Fortunately, now organizations can implement IT security solutions available to browse the websites safely. It is called Web Isolation.

What is web isolation?

Web Isolation solution is used to protect users while accessing emails with links or malicious websites, so that it prevent cyber criminals to deliver malware, ransomware and other advanced attacks to users. This solution also prevents users from submitting corporate credentials and other sensitive information to unknown and malicious websites by rendering pages in read-only mode.

To protect organizations against web-based attacks, Aplikas Servis Pesona as IT security solutions provider company, provides Web Isolation solutions. Web Isolation solutions can eliminate all security risks from websites, browsing on the internet is guaranteed to be 100% safe.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Our Web Isolation Solution?

· Protecting users from malware by isolating all malicious web contents

Web Isolation solutions protect users from malware through isolation – user’s browsing activities are executed in Disposable Virtual Containers within the Isolation Platform. All contents are disposed along with Disposable Virtual Containers until a user completes the session. So, there is no chance for malware or any other malicious attacks to infect user’s device.

· Protecting users from malicious documents

Web Isolation solutions can eliminate risks from malicious documents in all formats including .pdf, .doc, .xls, or .ppt by isolating them in the platform. This solution can remove all malicious contents on downloaded documents. Therefore, users can still access all document’s content that may contain malware without having to worry about the risk of it.

· Improving employees productivity

Today’s organization environment relies heavily on websites and applications. In most cases, IT organizations disallow on web access in an attempt to reduce malware risk. However, this action will make employees difficult to access business-critical sites that have been classified as malicious sites. With Web Isolation, employees are free to access all the web apps and content they require to support their productivity.

· It does not require a complex deployment process

Our Web Isolation can reduce security complexity and costs in deployment by eliminating outdated appliances. And also, our Web Isolation has high scalability, it can scale to meet the demands of small, medium to large enterprises.

· It can be integrated with existing security systems and provides complete reporting

Administrators can view logging data and reports directly through administrative portal within isolation platform, as well as export the data to organizations’ SIEM and operational management systems. Administrative portal provides complete reporting – including reports regarding user activity and visited web category, browsing activity to website with high-risk vulnerabilities, and more.

Organizations need to use web isolation solutions to protect all employees’ browsing activities on the websites or email, and ensure the security of employees’ browsing activities without being overly problematic with restrictions. To sum up, Web Isolation is the right and relevant solutions to browse the websites safely.  

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