Detect and Prevent Privileged Access Credential Misuse with Privileged Access Management

12 October 2020

Detect and Prevent Privileged Access Credential Misuse with Privileged Access Management

In an enterprise environment, we often hear the term “privileged access”. We have to know about privileged access first before understanding about the Privileged Access Management. Privileged access is a term used to designate user with special access that can take full control of enterprise systems. Privileged access should be managed to secure a company’s infrastructure and applications, also to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Usually, privileged user has their own username and password to access a company’s privileged accounts. Privileged access can be associated with human users (employee) as well as non-human users (machine identity).

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

We have to understand that the security of your company and its cyber defense is majorly dependent on the weakest link, and humans are always be the weakest link in cyber security chain. Therefore, with the presence of privileged user, PAM comes as a solution for controlling, monitoring, securing and auditing all privileged access activities across an enterprise IT environment to protect against the threats posed by credential theft and privilege misuse.

Most current advanced attacks rely on the exploitation of privileged access to reach a target’s (company) most sensitive data, applications and infrastructure. If company takes action properly to manage their privileged access, it can be used for controlling data, infrastructure, and other company’s assets. But if it is abused, privileged access has the power to disrupt business. So, the needs for controlling and monitoring access to privileged accounts will be more important than ever since it gives visibility over your company’s most critical resources.

Privileged Access Management Solution for Preventing Privileged Access Credential Misuse

By using PAM solution, companies can prevent privileged access credential misuse. Here are ways Privileged Access Management solution prevent privileged access credential misuse:

  • PAM solution will manage and rotate administrator password periodically. It is important to have a proper password management for privileged users because “privileged insiders” can access your system anytime and do anything including abuse their level of access.
  • PAM solution delivers all information on administrator’s log in access to IT teams.
  • All user or administrator activities will be recorded and monitored constantly for preventing any unwanted events.
  • PAM solution provides real-time alert or notification to IT administrator when malicious activities occur.

Benefits of Privileged Access Management Solution for Companies

Aplikas Servis Pesona offers Privileged Access Management solution for companies that comes with these following benefits:

·         For security

PAM solution enables IT team to monitor and record all privileged access activity across IT environment, also automates prevention and remediation of high-risk activities.

·         For operations

For operations, PAM solution helps IT team to streamline administrator or end user workflow, and make integration across the technology stack and support for automation via REST APIs easier.

·         For audit process

For audit process, PAM solution helps IT team to create reporting with full, detailed audit trail of privileged activities across complex and hybrid environments, and prioritize audit review cycle times based on risk.

If companies prioritize PAM solution as a part of their cyber security strategy, they will understand that PAM is one of the most cost-effective solutions for securing their IT security. If we choose and implement PAM solution properly, then all cyber threats that are related to privileged access credential misuse can be detected and prevented.

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