It Is Time To Use Threat Intelligence and Improve Your Cybersecurity

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The types of cyberattacks that appear in cyberspace are getting more diverse. Conventionally detecting the threats is not enough to prevent cyberattacks on your company. Threat detection in real-time is needed since cyberattacks can attack your company anytime and anywhere. Therefore, you must use threat intelligence to improve the company’s cybersecurity. What is Threat Intelligence? Why is it important for your company to use a Threat Intelligence solution and enhance its cybersecurity? Let us discuss Threat Intelligence and the importance of a Threat Intelligence solution for your company in more detail.

Threat Intelligence Overview

Threat Intelligence tackles cyberattacks using the data collected by identifying the cyberattacks’ motives, targets, and cybercriminals’ behavior. Decision-making related to cybersecurity will be faster with a Threat Intelligence solution because it possesses complete information about cybercriminals. Companies can use data on cybercriminal behavior to develop strategies to fight cybercriminals.

The Importance of Using Threat Intelligence

Cyber​attacks are becoming more invisible. To overcome this, many companies focus on the basic cases to deal with cyberattacks, such as network, IPS, firewall, and SIEM. Many companies are not aware that a Threat Intelligence solution can significantly strengthen companies’ cybersecurity. Threat Intelligence is able to recognize the behavior of cybercriminals so that companies can understand the characteristics of threats. This capability is very useful in helping your company’s cybersecurity team make better decisions because it can uncover the cybercriminals’ motives as well as the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that cybercriminals commonly use. The cybersecurity team will also work according to the data listed to reduce the risk. Therefore, the effort becomes more efficient and faster because the decision is made based on the data.

Threat Intelligence Features

After knowing what Threat Intelligence is and why Threat Intelligence is important for your company, the next step is to know more about Threat Intelligence features. Threat Intelligence features in more detail are as follows:

  1. Automated investigation

Threat Intelligence is able to investigate threats automatically. Endpoint protection will be more protected because several analyzes such as malware sandbox analysis, malware search, and threat intelligence are carried out only in one solution, the Threat Intelligence solution.

  1. Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

Indicators of compromise (IOCs) allow companies to visualize the relationship between the IOC, cybercriminals, and endpoints. The company’s defense will be stronger because it is built with IOC from observed malware. Your company can also set up protection with existing security solutions.

  1. Actor profiles

A Threat Intelligence Solution has more than 130 profiles of cybercriminals from various countries. Your company will be fully protected from various cyberattacks because the Threat Intelligence solution can also identify cybercriminals who are focused on attacking the business, region, or industry that your company is engaged in. A Threat Intelligence solution can also recognize purposes and predict the steps taken by cybercriminals. Hence, your company will be able to be one step ahead of cybercriminals

  1. Endpoint integration

Using a Threat Intelligence solution does not require additional devices. Thus, your company will have an efficient system with maximum performance.

Now that you know what Threat Intelligence is and how it can benefit your company, it’s time to use Threat Intelligence and improve your cybersecurity. Your company can consult with Aplikas Servis Pesona to discuss implementing a Threat Intelligence solution for your company. Aplikas Servis Pesona is a subsidiary of Phintraco Group involved in IT Security. Aplikas Servis Pesona provides various IT security solutions, and one of them is a Threat Intelligence solution.


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