3 Cybersecurity Mistakes that Could be Placing Your Company in Danger

03 May 2021

3 Cybersecurity Mistakes that Could be Placing Your Company in Danger

Cybersecurity requires a holistic organizational approach, it means that all parts of an organization hold the same responsibilities to ensure the security of digital environment.  However, holistic approaches are still hard to implement. It is proven by the increasing number of cybersecurity attacks targeting companies. For that matter, what are the common cybersecurity mistakes that could be placing your company in danger?

In most cases, the reasons why a company becomes the main target of cyber attacks are because there are too many system and human vulnerabilities. Therefore, the responsible parties – which are all parts of organizations, should know and avoid the cybersecurity mistakes that could be placing their company in danger.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all plan for companies to prevent cyber attacks, but there are basic core principles every company should adhere to in order to maintain a solid security posture in the face of persistent and evolving attacks.

What are the cybersecurity mistakes that could be placing your company in danger and are there any reliable solutions available to avoid cyber attacks? Below are the explanation!

1. Neglecting to understand and update network

Companies will never be able to prevent every attack at every time manually, because the network space are too vast and there are too many vulnerabilities to get in. But, the situation will be getting worst if IT security teams fail to understand the architecture of company’s network and keep software updated. It is like opening the door for an attacker to breach the system with little-to-no resistance.

Solution: At the enterprise level, IT teams must implement strong protocols to ensure all software is updated in a timely manner. IT teams must know the detail location of company’s critical data, how big the network space is, and where the entry points are and how the network is segmented. It is important to know that a lack of understanding of the basic network principles will be placing your company in danger and risky condition.

2. Relying solely on traditional anti-virus 

In today’s evolving cyber threats, anti-virus technologies alone are not sufficient to prevent persistent and advanced cyber attacks. Attackers improve their skills and methods faster than security companies can update their tools. In fact, less than 40% of attacks today involve malware. Therefore, a perimeter approach is not enough to keep the enterprise safe.

Solution: The right solutions for this problem is to ensure the use of advanced anti-virus, such as Next-gen Antivirus. It can help companies to identify many types of cyberattacks and proactively combat the threats. Moreover, companies must update their perimeter approaches into Threat Intelligence (link).

3. Failing to monitor enterprise endpoints

Nowadays, attackers are finding ways to penetrate the network and execute code at the system’s endpoints. It happens because most companies are neglecting their endpoint security – then the attackers are free to explore a company’s digital environment. Unconsciously, this cybersecurity mistakes could be placing your company in danger.

Solution: Companies need to implement technologies that help to monitor endpoints continuously. The Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) can be the right solutions to help IT teams avoid the cybersecurity mistakes that could be placing their company in danger.

The methods and types of cyberattacks are always evolving, so that cyber-defense strategies and tools cannot remain static. They must be tested, improved and evaluated on a regular basis. The threat never sleeps, and companies cannot keep their cybersecurity mistakes that could be placing their position in danger.  

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