Cyberattack Prevention Only Is No Longer Relevant, Detect With NDR

22 April 2022

Cyberattack Prevention Only Is No Longer Relevant, Detect With NDR

Preventing cyberattacks has become the most common strategy to avoid harmful attacks for companies. However, the effectiveness of these prevention strategies is no longer relevant over time. Many new, strange, and strong cyberattacks appear on cyber networks currently. Thus, prevention strategies are no longer a viable cybersecurity strategy for a network of company systems because they might recognize only a few of them.

Prevention Is Not Enough

The most popular belief among many companies is that they can minimize the risk of loss from a cyberattack by taking security prevention across their network. Thus, they put a lot of effort and budget into implementing preventive solutions such as access management, antivirus systems, firewalls, and many more. These preventive solutions are no longer sufficient to protect company systems from cyberattacks. Companies must focus on system monitoring capabilities to enable early detection to deal with more sophisticated cyberattacks. Detecting cyberattacks more deeply will be more effective at controlling losses than just preventing the surface.

Detection Will Look Deeper

Network security prevention methods are only effective against active attackers who try to access the network. Prevention technology is effective, but it does not address what happens beyond its protection; that is where most cyberattacks appear. You can find out more and monitor the cyberattack with the detection method. The detection method will gather all the information you need about cyberthreats as they occur, so the company’s IT security team knows what to do next. Detection can even detect attacks that have managed to penetrate your security system and spread widely in your network system. You can use detection and monitoring to stop ongoing attacks before they cause damage.

Use NDR To Improve Visibility

Good visibility for detection and monitoring is the most crucial priority for enterprise IT security now. To increase the visibility of cyberattack detection, you can use a Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution. The NDR security solution does not only prevent cyberattacks. On the other hand, this solution will stop it in the middle of the attack before a loss occurs. The NDR solution also monitors network traffic for malicious activity or cyberattacks within the perimeter, so nothing is missed. Cyberattackers will be difficult to cover up their attack activities with an NDR solution. Thus, performing detection and monitoring on the network is the best solution for extra security.


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