Aplikas Security Solution Day gives insights about IT Security, starting from ISO Certified Security Company, IT Security trends to the best IT Security solutions. This event will bring together the participants to share new ideas and best practice for improving their insight about IT Security. By participating this event, we hope participants will discover more insights about IT Security which will get a positive impact on their Company’s security.


Why Should Attend?

Reason to Attend Aplikas Security Solution Day

If you want to explore information about IT Security, how security impacts business globally and its convergence with other emerging technologies, you must attend this event. Aplikas Security Solution Day offers tons of information about IT Security, regulations, threats, and its solutions. Participants are given the latest news on the rapid evolution of IT Security solution to against cyber threats, as well as other popular IT Security trends that your company needs to know, engage with other participants.


Who Should Attend?

Leaders and professionals of IT Security from all companies across industries.